Paper Shredder

Shredders and accessories help you conveniently dispose of private and confidential materials at home and in the workplace. An office shredder secures your customers' details, pricing information, and contracts. At home, your shredder secures your personal and financial information.

Home Use
Shredders for home use are compact and lightweight. Various models are available with differences in the maximum number of sheets shredded in one pass, from five to fourteen, and the shredding method; strip-cut models shred paper into strips for material that is not too sensitive, while crosscut models shred the material into small pieces that are difficult to match up. Some shredders handle staples, credit cards, and compact discs for added convenience.

Office Use
Professional shredders handle larger loads, feature longer run times, and include large wastebaskets. The maximum number of sheets shredded in one pass range from 14 to 100 for these shredders, and the shredding method includes micro-cut and high-security destruction for highly classified and secret documentation. These high-performance models often handle paper clips and cardboard, along with staples, credit cards, and compact discs, and some shredders are automatic to save time. Professional shredders often incorporate advanced safety and anti-paper-jam features for staff protection and high performance.

Shredders provide a convenient means to destroy your sensitive, private, and confidential materials at home and in the office. Whether you shred bills and bank statements containing your financial details at home or documents and contracts in the office, this wide range of shredders meets your specific requirements in performance, size, and price. Choose compatible shredder accessories to maintain your shredder at optimal performance.


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